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Computer » Amiga (500 / 600 / 1200 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000)Now What 2 by flag Dr. Awesome (Bjørn Arild Lynne)
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Good day, visitor #1337

Cheers to all old computer music fans from my ZX!

In 2013, for example, using data accumulated from 250,000 people over a period of ten years, a study appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology examining music consumption tastes as they evolve over the course of a lifetime. Music, it appears, adapts to whatever “life challenges” or psychosocial needs we face as we get older.[2] The study divided music consumption patterns into five “empirically derived” categories dubbed the “MUSIC model” – an acronym that stands for mellow, unpretentious, sophisticated, intense and contemporary. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first significant age of music-listening is adolescence, a time defined by intense, which possibly reflected increased hormonal activity or the creation of the teenaged “self.” Intense intersects with a rise incontemporary music-listening, a trend that lasts until early middle age, when two other “preference dimensions” – Electronic and R & B – enter the mix, both of which are “romantic, emotionally positive and danceable.”[3] The final musical age of humans is dominated by sophisticated – jazz and classical music – and unpretentious – country, folk and blues. These latter two musical forms are relaxing, positive and link indirectly to listeners’ social status and perceived intellect.

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// October, 2019

I went to the concert today ( the music of flag Kou Otani (大谷 幸) ) and...

I was allowed to stand in the Shadow of The Colossus of Music.


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