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Console » PlayStation 2 (PS2)Wild Arms Advanced 3rd - 吹きつける死の旋風 (Whirlwind Blowing Against Death) by flag Michiko Naruke (なるけ みちこ)
Requested By: flag djrandom
Production Labels: LabelSony Computer Entertainment
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Time Left: 3:18

Wild Arms 3 - shot 3 Screenshot
Rating: 5.00 (2 Votes)

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Song Artist Song Length Request Time Play Time Requested By
Handheld » Game BoyShitune (2010) flag ultrasyd 0:16 04:55 04:55 flag djrandom
Computer » Commodore 64/128Gerry The Germ Goes Body Poppin' - Track 3 flag Rob Hubbard 1:44 04:54 04:54 flag djrandom
Computer » PC (Windows - streaming and other)La-Mulana - GIGA-MAGMA Have video flag Naramura (Takumi Naramura) , flag SAMIERU (Houryu Samejima) 2:55 04:51 04:51 flag djrandom
Computer » Amiga (500 / 600 / 1200 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000)Apache - Hiscore Have video flag Allister Brimble 1:19 04:49 04:49 flag djrandom
Miscellaneous » Wild (unknown/unusual source)Vauxhall and Eye, and I - El Negro y Naranja flag Nestrogen (Michael Raisner) 3:22 04:46 04:46 flag djrandom
Console » PlayStation (PSX)Chrono Cross - 龍神 (Dragon God) flag Yasunori Mitsuda (光田 康典) 3:21 04:43 04:43 flag djrandom
Arcade » Other (any non-listed arcade)Guilty Gear X - Liquor Bar & Drunkard flag Daisuke Ishiwatari (石渡 太輔) 3:59 04:39 04:39 flag djrandom
OST » Official Soundtrack (CD / Digital)The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Wings of Kynareth flag Jeremy Soule 3:32 04:35 04:35 flag djrandom
Computer » Atari ST (Sixteen/Thirty-two)Spinning Wheels - Faith flag Mad Max (Jochen Hippel) 3:40 04:32 04:32 flag djrandom
Computer » Atari ST (Sixteen/Thirty-two)Wave Upon Wave - Magnetic Mind flag Dma-Sc (Mathieu Stempell) 4:40 04:26 04:26 flag djrandom
Computer » PC (custom)Aural Destination (The Evolution of Vision) flag aMUSiC (Sotiris Varotsis) 3:18 04:23 04:23 flag djrandom
Miscellaneous » Wild (unknown/unusual source)Psychic Youth flag Covox (Thomas Söderlund) 4:02 04:19 04:19 flag djrandom
Console » Sega CD / Mega CDEternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side - Blade's Stage flag Tristan des Prés 1:29 04:18 04:18 flag djrandom
Console » PlayStation (PSX)Wild Arms - Power Fighter flag Michiko Naruke (なるけ みちこ) 1:48 04:16 04:16 flag djrandom
Computer » PC (Windows - streaming and other)Pharaoh - waj User Henry Beckett , User Keith Zizza 1:36 04:14 04:14 flag djrandom
Computer » PC (custom)Hazel vs Zyron - Slowmotion flag Hazel (Ketil Jensen) 4:38 04:10 04:10 flag djrandom
Computer » ZX Spectrum (AY)March 2011 flag MmcM (Sergey Kosov) 2:32 04:07 04:07 flag djrandom
Handheld » Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) / DSiFinal Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light - Strong Enemy Have video flag Groovy (Naoshi Mizuta) 1:32 04:05 04:05 flag djrandom
Computer » Atari FalconLlamazap - BGM 1 Have video flag 4-Mat (Matt Simmonds) 1:07 04:04 04:04 flag djrandom
Computer » ZX Spectrum (AY)Crash Override flag Slash_AtD (Dennis Podolskiy) 1:29 04:03 04:03 flag djrandom