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Console » Neo Geo (AES / CD / MVS)Magician Lord - Stage 5 (Underground Passage of Terror) Have video by flag Hideki Yamamoto , flag Hiroaki Shimizu , flag Yuka Watanabe
Requested By: flag djrandom
Production Labels: LabelAlpha Denshi Corporation LabelSNK

Time Left: 2:48

Magician Lord (NG) Screenshot
Rating: 3.50 (4 Votes)

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Song Information

Computer » Amiga (500 / 600 / 1200 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000)Steve Spam

Author: flag Maruku Buranu (Marc Brown) , flag Michael O'Keefe

Uploaded By: flag FishGuy876

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Song Length: 3:21
Song Status: Active
Song Bitrate: 128 kbps
Song Source: Crap
Song Platform: PlatformComputer » Amiga (500 / 600 / 1200 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000)

Additional Information:

MOD text from Aminet

A soundtracker mod from the boing/audio/music/st-nt/ directory.

Readme file for MARUKU.Stevespam.lha
Decompacts to: mod.Stevespam ... size 341K & a few bytes (can't remember)

First of all, let me warn you that this mod REQUIRES a ProTracker
playroutine... 1.1b is what I used so you ought to also (not really that
necessary, but make sure you don't use anything less than ProTracker!).

A little about this mod: First, why I bothered to upload it. I realized,
finally, that the mods people tend to like are the ones with really long
samples which tend to limit the musical coding possibilities. To me this
is more like cheating; when people do this, they're practically turning
ProTracker (or whatevertracker) into a sample-sequencer like with Audition4.
But oh well... This mod is about as close to that type of music I'll ever
touch. I think it's safe to say that this one doesn't have much music to
speak of :). You'll see what I mean.
Ok, why "spam"? I used some quotes (not direct samples) from a Monty Python
skit (you know the one, perhaps).
Here's a warning for ya: This mod is QUITE odd. I don't know of one stranger,
except maybe mod.ALOHA... (The punk mod. Anyone know what the guy says when
he's speaking in crazy German? If it were English, it sounds a lot like
"His finger comes off whiska needle!")
And finally, bear in mind that I DO REALIZE just how inefficient the mod is,
and how unnecessarily large most of the samples are. But I didn't think it'd
be worth it to go back and fix everything.
Guess that's about it. Sorry for the rambling; that's just what I do :).

-Maruku Buranu (Marc Brown) mjbrown at

PS: Be certain to E-Mail me if you get time; I'm interested to know if anyone
wants me to work on the sequel to Stevespam.

PPS: There is a text file in sample number $1F. Read it (by saving it as a
sample)... (The MaruSampleText is MY idea, heheh!)

Greets: U4IA, Audiomonster, lots of San Antonians... (I can't get in touch
with the first two for some reason...)

Embedded text from the MOD file

"MaruSampleText2...: The "SteveSpam" explanation.

Welcome to Maruku SampleText number two :). Silly idea, isn't it? Well, this
file should be one of the samples in the module "SteveSpam", which is strictly
a ProTracker module, so go find a copy of it if you want to hear it

I'm writing this because I need to explain why this module sounds and IS
so terribly odd... This mod was done strictly as an 'inside joke' to a friend
of mine, Steve. Yet another friend of mine, Mike, is responsible for EVERY
sampled sound... That is, he created every sound by either vocalization or
some other means, and any normal human is capable of doing the same...
Originally, we were merely trying to put together a 'remix' of a little song
we'd heard from one of our favorite Monty Python skits (the one with the spam
and the Vikings, heheh!), but unfortunately it got haywire, as you can see...
Since Steve was to be the first, if not the only one, to hear the completed
module, we decided to put in a few quotes that all three of us were familiar
with... For instance, the sample that goes "Steve is good for the blood"
originally went "Sleep is good for the blood", which is a quote from a Bugs
Bunny cartoon we like (the one with Dracula and the book on "Magic Words and
Phrases"). Since "sleep" sounds like "Steve", we thought it'd be funny, and
it was to us...

The sample called "KazooHum" was produced by a strange vocal trick Mike
can do, and I haven't figured it out yet. We thought it was neat that the
sample looked like a triangle wave. The toughest samples to emulate were,
believe it or not, the snaredrums and the hihats. Go ahead and try it
yourself, heheh!

Probably the hardest part in doing this module was the 'coding' of the
music data. It's not easy to time a song correctly when you've got an S-sound
at the front of most of your talking samples... Notice that ProTracker
(version 1.1B, anyway) doesn't pay any attention to the $E effects commands in
the Quadrascope. Oh, it may be a relief to know that the sounds F1, F2, and
F3 were artificial, not real. :)

The only reason this mod is actually on a BBS is because Steve is going
to upload it to one no matter what, so I decided to include this explanatory
(and apologetic) letter for the benefit of sanity... Hope you don't hate ME;
it wasn't my idea (to upload it), heheh! Well, later!

PS: Try to find the module called Inversement (MARUMOD6.LZH), if you want
relief from this nonesense :).
Remember: All sounds were created by Michael O'Keefe, so he deserves most of
the credit."

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It was added 11 years ago.

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