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Computer » PC (OPL2 = AdLib / Sound Blaster)Lemmings 2: The Tribes - Menu Theme by flag David Whittaker
Requested By: flag djrandom
Production Labels: LabelPterodactyl Squad
In Albums: Compilation Lemmings 2: The Tribes - IBM-PC AdLib
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Time Left: 3:58

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Rating: 4.00 (1 Votes)

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News » Server Outages

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Author Thread
FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

441 Posts
#175 (10 years, 10 months ago)

This little post is just a bit of info over whats been going on here over the last couple of weeks with all of our outages etc. It's more an informational post to those interested in what happened

For those who have been following the site, I have been tracking down some pretty big memory leaks on the site, not just here, but other sites too that use the Demovibes software. Well, I did manage to find the sources of most of the leaks so I started making some changes to the CVGM servers. Anyways, mid-way through a pretty critical Python update, I somehow lost communications with the server. After talking with the support staff who host the dedicated box, it appeared as though the box had rebooted mid-way through the upgrade process and there were some things that were badly broken software-wise.

Thanks to our provider, they were able to apply a couple of patches I reccomended so that we could get the machine back online; I performed a full system backup (as we needed to format the machine because of the other damage) and then waited for the machine to be formatted. Unfortunately, this took a few extra days longer than we anticipated.

The server was formatted with the newer Ubuntu 9.10 server edition which already has the memeory-leak fixes in place for several different packages that we use. I also updated the python dependencies and several other packages to get the site back online. As of right now, the plugs seem to have been plugged, which I am very glad about

As I continue to keep my eye on things, I do want to apologize for the unexpected downtime. I am hoping it won't be that long again, and I do now have some backup plans in place to switch servers in the event something does go horribly wrong. Thanks to everyone for your patience

FishGuy876 / Brainstorm

441 Posts
#187 (10 years, 9 months ago)
Looks like we were hit with another issue regarding the site's MySQL server this week. As many of the regulars know, I have been fighting some uphill battles regarding server loads and the SQL server for a couple of weeks now.

Seems that when DirectAdmin was installed (DirectAdmin handles the internals of the server, such as email, DNS and so forth) that it did a really botch job on MySQL. To the point where, even though I was telling the configuration files to do something, they wouldn't! After talking to arab about the issue, he logged into the box, changed lots of stuff around and was able to kludge through the crap that directadmin had put in place and was able to make it work properly. A big thanks to arab for all his efforts!!

Anyways, I am hoping that the issue is finally laid to rest! Keep requesting!!

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